SolarEdge Optimizer


  • MPP adaptation at module level reduces energy loss due to shading or manufacturing tolerances by up to 25 %
  • High safety due to low voltage when the inverter is switched off or in the event of a fault (SafeDC)
  • Module-level monitoring on the online platform
  • P350I can also be retrofitted with a third-party inverter


SolarEdge offers an individual and unique photovoltaic performance optimization system unlike any other on the market. The SolarEdge system divides the traditional functions of a conventional inverter into two separate devices: electrical conversion takes place in the SolarEdge inverter, and MPP-tracking is done by the SolarEdge Power Optimizer.

Power Optimizers are attached to every module in a system and independently control the operating point of each module. This allows each module to generate maximum performance, independent from other modules in the system – optimal for conditions where some modules are dirty, age at different rates, or under shady and low-light conditions.

The SolarEdge system allows modules in roof installations with variable orientations or partial shading to be easily connected into a single string. For the first time, even modules of different sizes and performance classes can also be combined into a single string.

If the system experiences net interruption, if the inverter is shut down, or if there is any other system malfunction, the Power Optimizers automatically reduce power output to a safety voltage of 1 V. This makes the system safer, particularly during installation and cleaning work.

The SolarEdge system can be used with both small installations as well as megawatt generators. The Power Optimizers monitor the performance of every individual module and transmit the relevant data in real time to the SolarEdge monitoring platform. Not only is system planning easy – system monitoring is as well, regardless of generator size.

For retrofitting of existing systems, SolarEdge offers the P350I Power Optimizer, which can also be used with inverters from other manufacturers. 


Configuration with the Solar Planit tool: Configuration tool

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