SMA Sunny Home Manager


  • Intelligent energy management within the framework of SMA Smart Home
  • Allows a higher on-site consumption rate
  • Automatic control of up to 10 consumers
  • Transparency: Overview of all energy flows in the household
  • Takes weather forecast into account
  • Optimum load management
  • Integration of SMA Flexible Storage System
  • Incorporation of SMA Integrated Storage System
  • Learns the household consumption profile dynamically
  • Suitable for integration of a DHW heat pump from Stiebel Eltron and other Stiebel Eltron products.
  • Can control charging columns for electric vehicles


Do you want to use your solar power as effectively as possible? The SMA Sunny Home Manager will assist you. This intelligent control centre is a central part of SMA Smart Home and provides energy management for your solar power system.

The Sunny Home Manager provides effective control of the energy flows between generator, consumer, storage and feed-in and increases your on-site consumption rate. For this, it uses data from your household and your PV system. The consumption profile of the entire household is learned dynamically by the Sunny Home Manager. It even factors in the local online weather forecast. The Sunny Home Manager does not just provide recommendations for consumer control. It can also automatically switch on up to 10 appliances via wireless sockets when solar power is available. The Sunny Home Manager can regulate directly controllable consumers via a data connection. These include heat pumps, household appliances or charging columns for electric vehicles, which are equipped with a special protocol.

The Sunny Home Manager is configured and operated online via the SMA Sunny Portal. This allows for live monitoring of the system. The Sunny Home Manager can also be used to integrate the SMA storage solution into the intelligent energy management system. It is suitable for different capacities and types of battery and all PV system sizes. With the Sunny Home Manager you can restrict the effective power fed into the public grid to any value between 10 and 100 percent of the installed generator output.


Configuration with the Solar Planit tool: Configuration tool

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