SMA Feed-In Management


  • Monitoring and controlling of up to 75 string inverters
  • Exchange of real-time data with other devices and systems
  • Meets national and international requirements for grid integration
  • Integral analogue and digital interfaces for sensor technology, as well as effective and reactive power defaults
  • Easy to install
  • Optimised for use in industrial settings
  • Direct alarm messaging by email in the case of faults
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance via the integral web interface and Sunny Portal
  • Expanded functions for direct feed-in of generated solar energy

Together with the highly efficient SMA string inverters, the SMA Cluster Controller represents the perfect system solution for decentralised, large scale PV systems. The Ethernet-based Speedwire fieldbus and the powerful two-core processor offer secure monitoring and control of up to 75 string inverters, or 25 in the Small Commercial Version.

Benefits for system users: Maximum data transfer rates for plant monitoring and rapid processing of captured data, status information and plant control commands.

In addition, the many connection options for sensor technology offer the prospect of even closer evaluation of plant performance: This can be accessed, alongside other status information, via the Sunny Portal and its many functions.


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