SMA Sunny Boy Storage


  • First SMA battery inverter for high-voltage storage systems
  • Integrated web server
  • Connection of wind turbines and combined heat and power plants possible
  • Integrated, dynamic active power limitation


SMA offers the Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 battery inverter for high-voltage storage systems – such as the LG Chem RESU 10H and the BYD B-Box HV. The Sunny Boy Storage is perfectly suited for the needs of a private household with its 2.5 kW charging and discharging capacity. It has a high efficiency rate of up to 97 percent and is AC-coupled. That is why the Sunny Boy Storage can be – flexibly and easily – integrated into both new and existing photovoltaic systems.

The new SMA inverter does not need a transformer because it is used with a high-voltage battery: You benefit from this cost advantage in the system technology with a very good price-performance ratio. The Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 is compact, easy to install and easy to put into operation thanks to its integrated web server with direct access to the Sunny portal. The Sunny portal also allows you to monitor all energy flows in the household transparently and clearly. In addition to the photovoltaic system, other energy generators - such as wind turbines or combined heat and power plants - can also be connected to the Sunny Boy Storage 2.5.

Configuration with the Solar Planit tool: Configuration tool

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