SolarEdge StorEdge™


  • High system efficiency thanks to DC-coupled system
  • Battery that is simple both to install from new and to retrofit
  • Enhanced safety: Inbuilt SafeDC™ function also for battery
  • Complete transparency: Battery status in the monitoring platform
  • The usual SolarEdge service package: Tel.: 0800 - 18 20 903 support hotline, remote access, remote updates, warranty processing
  • Very flexible system according to performance and capacity


The innovative StorEdge™ DC and AC-coupled battery solutions from SolarEdge offer excellent flexibility and enable homeowners to increase their own use of the solar power that they generate, to reduce energy costs and to boost their energy self-sufficiency. The directly DC-coupled StorEdge™ battery systems enable maximised energy yields and system efficiency through minimised losses in energy conversion. The AC-coupled StorEdge™ solution with the new SE3500AC is especially suitable for retrofitting to existing photovoltaic systems.

The StorEdge™ solutions include, in addition to the single-phase SolarEdge inverter, a modbus meter and energy sensors from SolarEdge, a suitable StorEdge™ interface and the LG Chem RESU 7H or 10H. SolarEdge insures the compatibility of the systems, i.e. the LG Chem RESU devices can, of course, be viewed in the monitoring platform and are, at the same time, reduced to a safety voltage by the integrated SafeDC™ function if the AC current is deactivated.

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SolarEdge HD-Wave SE 2200H - 3680H | SE 4000 - 6000

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SolarEdge Optimizer

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