SMA Flexible Storage System


  • Suitable for lead and lithium-ion batteries
  • Intelligently and effectively combined solar energy storage with automatic consumer control
  • Highly flexible system configuration
  • Can be perfectly adjusted to individual load profiles
  • Maximises self-consumption and independence
  • Can be expanded with backup power function
  • Allows other AC sources to be incorporated, such as a generator, combined heat and power unit or wind turbine

A flexible and intelligent accumulator system

SMA offers a highly flexible accumulator solution for new and existing PV systems. The Flexible Storage System is suitable for lead and lithium-ion batteries, available in various accumulator sizes and can be used for many different generator sizes. The SMA Flexible Storage System can be perfectly adjusted to the individual load profile.

Intelligent and effective, the SMA Flexible Storage System consists of the Sunny Island Battery inverter for on-grid applications (in the power classes 3.0M/4.4M/6.0H/8.0H) and the intelligent SMA Sunny Home Manager energy management system. The Flexible Storage System therefore combines the intermediate electrical storage of solar energy with automated consumer control. This effectively increases the proportion of energy that can be consumed by the user.

The Flexible Storage System can incorporate both the SMA and PV inverters from other manufacturers. It can be designed in either single or threephase configurations and expanded with a backup power function that supplies power to the electrical consumers in the event of a power cut. Other AC sources such as a combined heat and power unit can also be incorporated.

The Flexible Storage System supports FLA and VRLA-type lead batteries (100–10,000 Ah), as well as various lithium-ion batteries (50–10,000 Ah).

 Configuration with the Solar Planit tool: Configuration tool

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